5 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Adopt in 2018

5 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Adopt in 2018

5 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Adopt in 2018

There is little doubt about the growing power of Instagram in terms of marketing on the internet. Over the past few years, Instagram has become the focal point of social media marketing agency services thanks to its rapid rise in usage with over a half-billion users, it’s daily access by those users, and how Instagram incorporates the advertising features of Facebook to widen its targeting options. It’s little wonder that your typical Facebook marketing agency will incorporate Instagram into its overall advertising efforts online.

Getting the most out of your Instagram account starts by doing the basics. Establishing the account, filling out all the required information, and posting new images, photos, and video on a regular basis. While each business makes new posts at different rates, the ones that have enjoyed the most success have posted at least once per day, often twice or more for maximum effect.

Of course, along with the basics are trends that come and go every year of which online business owners try to take advantage. Gaining an edge over the competition requires being aware of new trends and using them to their fullest before they start to fade away.

For those who want to get the most out of Instagram for 2018, there are give solid marketing strategies that you should consider. Each one is based on current trends that are rising on this social media platform. You should also consider hiring an Instagram marketing agency to maximize the overall benefit of your efforts on this platform.


With Instagram opening its platform to all businesses, advertising has been growing considerably and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The ads created on Instagram have grown in popularity in part because Instagram has become the hottest social media platform of the past few years. However, ads have also become more popular because of their effectiveness in being combined with images and video that has been posted.

Because Instagram is primarily a visual social platform in terms of photos, images, and video, the effectiveness of the advertising has become quite strong. In addition, because the ads are created with a Facebook account, you can easily place them on Instagram or Facebook to help bolster your results. In 2018, advertising on Instagram is expected to grow and keep growing for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it has become a trend which cannot be ignored for any business that wants to make headway.


Insights, the Instagram analytics program, is fast becoming one of the most popular sites to help shape marketing strategies for this social network. Since its creation, Insights has become the backbone of many online businesses thanks to the data it provides. Because it offers considerable details, the data has proven to be quite useful in helping to identify audiences and shape strategies to reach them. The amount of information available is considerable, starting with how your post was discovered, the impressions it has made, and the new followers gained from each posting.

Thanks to the details provided, Insights has become quite popular because of the information delivered and its timeliness so that strategies can be altered to seek out new customers quickly. This is a trend that many social media marketing agency services are recommending to their clients. 

Effective Leveraging of Instagram Influencers

There are numerous Instagram influencers who can be leveraged to promote your products or services. This is a growing trend thanks to the power that such influencers carry on this social media site. The two methods that can be used start with seeking out those who have a powerful influence on Instagram and purchase their services for a marketing campaign. The second is to establish promotors of your brand by creating an ambassador program.

While seeking out established influencers is popular, the trend is more towards creating brand ambassadors who can target specific audiences which generates bigger results. It helps that brand ambassador programs are inexpensive and work for you to sell products or services. For online businesses that have a high-profit margin per sale, the ambassador program is one that is becoming quite popular.


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it’s not surprising that Instagram has taken a successful idea from their rival, Snapchat, and created Stories. This is a feature that allows for the sharing of video and images for 24 hours and then it disappears. Stories has become quite popular because it creates a stronger impulse for consumers to take advantage of potential sales because of the strict timeframe.

With the posts in Stories going away after just 24 hours, the result has been stronger sales for online businesses that take advantage of this feature. The trend has been growing strong since Stories was first created and will only become more popular over the course of the year. Stories is now more popular than Snapchat itself and thanks to

Video is King

There is little doubt about the rise of video content over the past five years and it will continue to grow in strength across social media platforms, especially Instagram. You can create personal messages with video that connect to audiences in a way that text and images cannot hope to achieve. Effective use of video is one of the most powerful trends on social media and Instagram is in a unique position to take full advantage.

Video has proven to be highly effective at capturing audiences and delivering the right advertising message. Plus, it’s now easier than ever to produce. Today, there are smartphones that can deliver 4K content which makes producing high-quality videos easier than ever.

It’s little wonder that your typical Instagram marketing agency has become a popular choice for online businesses both big and small to use. They offer professional services that can be combined with a Facebook marketing agency for maximum effect. There is no doubt that the future for Instagram looks bright as one of the most popular social media platforms for reaching new customers.







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