How Branding Can Increase Customer Loyalty on Instagram

How Branding Can Increase Customer Loyalty on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites on the web and for good reason. The emphasis on the photo and now video has made Instagram the perfect means to capture audiences by posting interesting photos that keep people interested in you or your company. You can do the work alone or hire a social media marketing agency to help.

For small businesses looking to make headway on social media, you can do more than just promote products or services on Instagram, you can boost your brand as well. A social media and digital marketing agency can provide more details about how they can boost your brand and enhance your presence through Instagram, but it pays to understand why this social media platform is so powerful.

Why Use Instagram?

While it’s not true that everyone uses Instagram, there are roughly 700 million monthly users which puts it firmly up there with Facebook and Twitter in being the most popular of all social media platforms. Plus, Instagram is more than just photos of cats or what people had for dinner, it is home to a multitude of businesses who are using social media marketing agency services to boost their profile.

This is because it’s not just about the number of people who have Instagram, it’s the number of people who are using it every day. With an average of 4.2 billion posts daily, you can even the average user of Instagram is highly active on this platform. Most Instagram members follow companies that they like and even share much of their content on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This means that your presence on Instagram is an excellent way to reach other platforms and other people as well.

Plus, while Instagram has roughly half of all brands that use social media today, that number is growing at a rapid rate. This means the sooner you get on Instagram, the faster you can start increasing customer loyalty through effective branding.


How to Start Your Branding Efforts

The good news is that Instagram offers a fairly easy way to start your branding thanks to its simple business profile that will only take you a few moments to fill out. Once you have entered the recommended information and uploaded your logo for the profile image, you can do the rest on a platform that in some ways is like Twitter. Just come up with a “handle” for your business name, put in the “call-to-action” buttons, and you are ready to go.

It’s always a good idea to start by filling out as much of your biography information as possible, putting in a hashtag for Twitter use. Make it direct, friendly, and easy to access other accounts. Once everything is complete, you are ready for the next step.


While Instagram is simple and straightforward, it’s more than just posting a photo every so often, you’ll need to create content that people can connect.  This means posting a photo or video at regular intervals, creating an interesting caption, and placing the appropriate geotags and standard tags. The content that you post should feel personal as if you are sharing it with a close friend. That’s how you want customers to perceive your business as if you are only sharing information with them.

-        New Products

-        Important Announcements

-        How-to Videos

-        Behind the Scenes

-        Content from Users and More

This type of content is an excellent way to start, but you will need to craft them toward your larger goal of building up your brand. Each new post should follow a pattern that will gain the trust of users who become closer to your company. In other words, do not follow what other companies in your industry are doing. Instead, create photos, videos, and captions that promote your company in the best way.

User-generated content is an excellent way to build up your brand as people see your products being used. You can ask for photos from customers who use your products or services and post them as part of your Instagram efforts. You can ask questions, create lists, make how-to videos, and go behind the scenes to show the lighter side of your company.

Take Advantage of Instagram

Your business can use social media marketing agency services to expand the frontier of what you can do on Instagram yourself. But keep in mind the many little things this social media platform offers which can work wonders if employed the right way.

Caption: While you may think captions are overrated, they can also nail down the product for the customer which in turn creates a greater impact. The caption can be a powerful addition, especially when augmented by the right account tag and hashtags.

Stories: This is a feature that lets you string together photos or videos that take up the entire screen briefly so that customers get the entire picture. It also sticks to the top of your feed, so that everyone will see it.

Regular Posting: By posting on the same days each week, whether once up to all seven days, keeping up a regular schedule boosts the visibility of your brand. This means that users look forward to what is coming next and you stay in the forefront of their minds. Of course, don’t overplay it as it is better to leave people wanting just a little bit more.

The more you know your audience and industry, the better you can craft your posts for maximum impact that will generate real customer loyalty. From updates to announcements to how-to videos to just being funny, the right content at the right time makes all the difference. Keep in mind that hiring a social media and digital marketing agency will help tremendously in shaping your Instagram efforts. They will help you to post regular content that drives viewer interest and creates a stronger brand for your business which only improves customer loyalty and sales. 

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