6 Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement in 2018

6 Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement in 2018

For all the trends that come and go on Instagram, engaging with your followers remains the most important marketing technique to build your customer base. Instagram engagement is crucial to reaching your followers and keeping them interested in your online business. The good news is that you can do the work alone, although hiring an Instagram marketing agency is not a bad idea if you need to delegate the work to experienced professionals.

Consider that in terms of internet growth around the world, 2018 will be a shining year because it is expected that hundreds of millions, if not a billion or more people are expected to go online. This means for businesses that have established themselves on the internet, investing in engagement on their social media platforms will be crucial to your success. Here are six brilliant methods that you can use to increase engagement on Instagram for 2018.

High-Quality Content

Of all the trends that will be seen on Instagram, none match posting high-quality images and content for effectiveness in engaging your audiences. Keep in mind that authenticity is the strongest marketing tactic of them all, so providing your followers with good, informative content is the best way to keep them engaged throughout the year. This means for photos and videos your images will need to be the following;

-        Clean and crisp

-        Cool and fun

-        Inspiring and motivational

-        Creative and interesting

You want to post content that grabs the follower’s attention and keeps them on your Instagram page. This means your content needs to be eye-catching right from the start. Think big and bold, but take good, clean photographs. The good news is that your smartphone is most likely an excellent camera for both photos and videos, so take advantage of that.


This is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account. What you give away does not need to be expensive, but it does need to be part of your business and encourages people to follow your account. You should start by selecting an item that is of good quality and something people want. So, think about a product instead of an accessory to a product. 

Write clear, easy-to-follow rules and have people write something in their comments so they can be entered. One way to have them tag a friend, say why they enjoy following your account, or asking a question and only allowing those who gave the correct answers to enter. Establish a timeframe, such as two weeks or one month, and announce the winner which should be a random drawing. Be sure to get their mailing address if the item will be sent to their homes.



Keep in mind that not every post will get full engagement as some will do better than others. However, you can increase the chances that your post will be seen by creating a pattern or set time that you make your posts during the week. Depending on your business model, you will want to post at least once per week, but you can go twice, three times, or more depending on the engagement that you want to establish.

Remember that all your posts should be high-quality, so only post the number of times each week that you can maintain the best standards. It’s always better to post less frequently if what you deliver is of good quality, so keep that in mind.

Prime Time

There is a reason why networks play their best shows during the evening hours. So too should you post when most of your followers are on Instagram. So, you will need to discover when most of your followers are viewing Instagram, so that what you post will be new and seen. Post too early or too late and it may get lost amid the numerous posts that others will be doing during the day.

The good news is that you can use an app called Preview to see when it is the best time. The app will analyze your account and tell you the best time and day to post and interact with your followers.  Once you have found the right time and day, make sure all your posts follow the same pattern to maximize audience engagement.


As reputable Instagram marketing services will tell you, it’s best to reply to as many comments in your post as necessary. You do not have to engage with everyone, but you should answer important questions, acknowledge a good, funny, or insightful comment, and show that you are engaged with your audience. The more you can do in this regard, the better it will be for your account.


Instagram Stories is a great way to help increase engagement because the posts will only last 24 hours. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, a post that has a one-day lifespan will garner greater interest because followers understand they will have to click on it right away to see the content. When used effectively, Stories is quite good at engaging the audience. You should bolster the video or image with text to help people follow what is happening.

You can add polls to help increase engagement, along with additional hashtags, and even let brand ambassadors take over the account for 24 hours with how they use your products or services.

Effective Instagram engagement starts by creating a plan that can be followed throughout the year. You will need to set long-term goals to have something to strive for and short-term goals like steps on a ladder, so you can reach them. Given the amount of work that needs to be accomplished, you may want to hire an Instagram marketing agency, or you can do the work yourself. Either way, you will need to increase your customer engagement on Instagram if you want to reap more success in 2018.


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