Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

With 2017 seemingly being just a preparation for the coming year, online business owners are gearing up for what could be a banner year in sales thanks to some developing trends that show great promise. Whether you do the work on your own or have hired a social media and digital marketing agency, it is important to understand the trends that will dominate 2018 and how best you can take advantage of them.

What follows are the top digital marketing trends of the year, especially on social media networks which are currently quite popular and only growing. You may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency for small business to help maximize your efforts in taking advantage of these trends.

Expanding Social Media Services

As advertising platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have indicated, the expanding services of social media networks are making them more engaging than ever before. However, the trend that marketers need to look for is targeting customers to increase sales conversion efforts.

Geo-tagging, a relatively new way to find customers for your business, is quite effective on social media platforms like Facebook. This is because many people put in their locations that efforts like Geo-tagging can make a real impact. You can see how many have checked into a place, see status updates from those who visit and use that information to do some real-time marketing.

This can be combined with Geolocation marketing efforts which lets brands like yours target customers who are nearby automatically. Once someone is near your store, their phone’s GPS relates the location and you can make them an automatic offer. It’s not unlike the Pokémon Go phenomenon, although not nearly as annoying as some might think.

The Growth of Video Marketing

It seems that every year video is the trend that is predicted to dominate online marketing efforts, especially on social media. And every year, it seems that people think the upcoming 12 months will be even more incredible than the last. The access that people have in creating video content and the ease of which they can post it to social media means that it will only grow in dominance for 2018.

When you consider that adding a video to your website increases the chances of landing on the first-page Google search results by 50 times over, you can see why so many online businesses are deciding to go with more video. Video delivers a higher-engagement and higher-retention rate with users compared to text and images. Considering that video is only going to improve and expand in terms of its technology, it’s easy to say that it is going to dominate 2018 as well.

Voice Search Devices & Informal Content

While voice search itself has been around for years, devices like the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have made them far more commonplace with consumers. This means that 2018 will be the year when you see it grow even more thanks to the new technology which allows for greater voice interaction. This ties in nicely with the more informal content that is emerging on sites across the web.

Informal content is using language that is more natural as if you were speaking it to someone standing next to you. Instead of the more traditional version of sales content. Because the content is written more about how people speak, it gets better search results when people use voice search devices to find information. So, expect to see this type of content on the rise.

Short-Lived Content

Ephemeral or short-lived content are posts that go away after a pre-set time, such as 24 hours. This type of content is highly popular with younger generations such as Millennials and Generation Z. While content that disappears may seem counterproductive, it works quite well with younger people. It’s considered more authentic compared to sponsored ads, it creates the idea that if they do not act, they’ll never get the chance to purchase the product or service again which creates the need to buy, and using QR or snap codes, they can access the content of the ads easily.

For businesses that are having a short or limited sale, short-lived content is the perfect way to reach people and not have old, outdated ads hanging around. Therefore, such content is on the rise and quite popular with social media and digital marketing agency efforts.

The Chatbots

A chatbot is the result of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that interacts with potential customers. Since the technology has improved measurably in the past couple of years, 2018 is the year in which many predict chatbots will become dominant. Many businesses right now are using chatbots, such as clothing stores that provide new fashion products, tips, advice, and so forth. This interactive means of working with customers is making chatbots one of the more innovative ways of making sales.

Do not be surprised to see chatbots popping up in all types of businesses, especially as the technology becomes more accessible.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has been predicted as the major trend for so many years that even today when it finally seems to have arrived it is almost like an afterthought. Augmented reality however, like you see on Specsavers and Pokémon Go has really taken off and looks to be quite vibrant for 2018. Augmented reality promises to help improve business/consumer communication by created a 3D environment where ads are not only in front, but surrounding the viewer.

Right now, larger businesses have been playing around with augmented reality, like IKEA, for the past several years. Today, the technology has improved remarkably and its set for a real breakout year which makes it one of the hotter trends.

The trends listed here are in many ways extensions of current trends that are only growing in strength. So, if you want to take advantage of one or more of them, it is advisable that you hire a digital marketing agency for small businesses that can help you make the best-informed decisions about which trends are right for your needs.

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