How to Drive Sales from Instagram

How to Drive Sales from Instagram

While Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter get considerable coverage in helping businesses expand their reach to new customers, Instagram has quickly risen to become a driving force in advertising. The reasons are mostly tied to the more than 300 million Instagram subscribers which has surpassed Twitter in terms of sheer numbers. This means that the Instagram advertising network has great range while the structure of the social media site offers great appeal as well.

Of course, it helps that Instagram advertising cost is reasonable and well within the range of even one-person businesses or entrepreneurs. When combined with the right techniques, you can make a powerful impact on Instagram that will boost your overall business and serve as a platform to increase your sales potential. The key is to understand how to drive sales to your site and grow your company over time using Instagram.

What Makes Instagram Special for Driving Sales

The sheer numbers of subscribers provide Instagram with real respect, but what really makes it business friendly is how the Instagram users search the site. A 2015 study by Iconosquare revealed that roughly 70% of users looked up brand names on Instagram and around 62% follow brands on the site. This means that you can be your own Instagram advertising agency if you post the right images and message that attracts consumer attention.

Of course, you can use traditional methods of social media which consist of growing followers and using hashtags to gain attention. However, there are other ways that you can start creating more sales by using Instagram more effectively.

Create a Business Account: If you want to grow your business, you will need to set up an Instagram account just for that purpose. You do not want to mix your business and personal use of Instagram together which only works against you. Instead, take the necessary steps to create and promote a separate business account where you only post picture and accompanying messages that have to do with your company. It’s easy to keep them separate and with the Instagram app, you can connect to your Facebook page as well.

Always Think Promotion: While you want to avoid the hard sell, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on providing coupons or discounts. Think creatively about promoting your products that tie in with events, holidays, and the like so that more people will start making purchases. You do not have to be extravagant and even a simple 10% discount can reap big rewards for your sales efforts.

Be Consistent: To stay recognizable, you will need to establish your business presence that includes a name, logo, and pictures that tell potential customers that you are a viable company. The foundation of your Instagram advertising network is the presence that you create on your account, so be sure that it remains consistent and recognizable. 

Use Professional Photographers: You can do the work yourself if you are a skilled photographer with the right equipment or you can hire a professional to do the work. There are many product photographers who charge a nominal fee for their services. This means that you can incorporate their fees with your Instagram advertising cost as part of your overall marketing budget. Keep in mind that people instinctively know the difference between a good, professional picture and a poor amateur one, so remember that when you post up your product photos.

Create a World: Effective marketing is more than just posting photos, it’s the creation of a world that people want to be in. This is an effective method used often for fashion, but it also applies to many other products as well. Your Instagram marketing network should strive to do more than just reach out, it should use photos that show your products in use and being enjoyed. This is highly effective because people purchase products not just for their practical use, but to be enjoyed as well. It also bypasses the hard sell, which can easily backfire with social media advertising. By creating a world in which people see your products in action, it helps entice them to make a purchase.

Enhance Your Photos: Even good photos can be scrolled past by your customers unless they really stand out. This is where the editing tools and filters can really make a difference. You will want to have at least some of your photos composed in a way that allows for easy augmentation. Adding more yellow or orange to a sunset, removing the color from the background, or highlighting the product using a different color can really help with getting the attention it needs so that more people stop and look.

Be Creative: There are many ways you can use Instagram creatively and even bring your customers into your marketing efforts. When you consider the cost Instagram advertising, it pays to be a little creative in how you market your site.

-        Post Customer Photos

-        Pay Talent to Post Photos

-        Build Campaigns Through Photos

The best part of your Instagram advertising network is your customers who can help you pull in more sales depending on the products that you offer. If it is a product that can be easily seen, then entice your customers to post photos of themselves with the products they purchased from you so that their friends can see it as well. You can create a contest, offer coupons or other discounts to entice your current customers to act as sales people in this manner.

A tried-and-true advertising tactic is to pay professional models and recognizable talent to post photos with your products as well. They can receive a flat fee and you get to reach out to their Instagram followers for their service. Or, if you use models, that can help boost the professionalism of your advertising efforts.

Building effective marketing campaigns takes time and this is where the Instagram advertising cost can be most effective in augmenting your organic methods of reaching new customers. Think long term and build your campaign slowly, taking advantage of new opportunities and correcting issues along the

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